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How to choose my wedding musicians? Live music or recorded?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

When it comes to your wedding music there are many options available. Read on to find the key elements to consider when choosing wedding music and musicians.

D-String trio @Castle Leslie outdoor ceremony
D-String trio @Castle Leslie outdoor ceremony

It may sound obvious but really it’s not…. choosing your wedding musicians carefully is very important! Not only do you want, and need good musicians, but you need musicians experienced in the wedding business.

Over the years good wedding musicians will have built up a huge repertoire of suitable pieces for weddings- including hymns, classical pieces and popular music. This makes choosing your wedding music much easier when there is a large selection to choose from. It also means they can comfortably play suitable music at your drinks reception to suit your guests, whatever their tastes!

Experienced wedding musicians will be able to advise you on music for each part of your wedding ceremony/mass. Your musicians can ensure each piece is played at the most suitable section of the ceremony and edit the music to the necessary length. They will also have a good idea of many venues. Knowing a church/ venue can be helpful to advise on suitable music for the length of your aisle.

However most important is that they have the experience to know what to do in all situations! We’ve have experienced a few unforeseen events over the years including; brides extremely delayed, a bride who fainted, a priest who was ill and had to leave the altar,even a missing pen which delayed the signing of the registry. Your wedding musicians need the experience to cover up any mishaps and keep things flowing on the day. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than an awkward silence!

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