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Wedding conversations: Hair tips and prep for your wedding day

For the first of our wedding conversations we were joined by Emma from Cortex Hair Design in Dundalk to discuss all things related to wedding hair.

So starting out what is the first step for anyone planning a wedding?

Picking your hairstylist is so important. Do you research and speak to people who have recommend him/her. Book in for a consultation and discuss your hopes and expectations with your stylist. Then start your wedding hair journey. Dates book up quickly- book your entire bridal party in early to avoid disappointment.

Listen to your Stylists Advice:

An early consultation will help you put the long term plan in place to help you achieve perfect hair in time for your big day. Listen to the advice given by the hair professional. If your hair is in bad condition you need to start your wedding hair prep at least 1 year prior to your big day. You need to treat your hair as you would your skin in the run up to your wedding. Your skin will be covered with make up on the day your hair will not!

Picking your Hair-colour

When it comes to deciding on your hair colour coming up to the wedding try not to decide on any big colour transformation, unless your colour at present isn’t working for your skin tone or the condition isn’t great. Something timeless that won’t date is the way to go when it comes to wedding hair. Multi-tonal hair can look great in photos. Regular colours are very important in the hair prep. If you want your hair to be on point on the big day then you need to keep on top of your colour services. If you don’t keep on top of your colour you could end up needing a complete restyle each time you visit the hairdressers.


Speak to your stylist about haircare. You need to do your homework when it comes to getting your hair in optimal condition. Let he/she prescribe the correct haircare to suit your haircare package. Vitamins are great to be taking in conjunction with using your home care products. This will make you shine from the inside out. Regular cuts also will take away those little dead ends, if removed it gives the hair a better chance of growing.

How important are trials before the wedding day?

Trials are super important. This will give you and your hairstylist a great indication of what you expect and what can be achieved . Usually one is enough but sometimes you may need more than one. Your hairdresser will need to know what your dress is like as we need to know what styles will suit both the dress and you. For trials I would usually charge a little extra for this as I like to block a good hour out in my column so we can try out more than one. Similarly you should allow plenty of time for your hair trial.

Any advice fr someone considering extensions for their hair?

So from the opinion of a girl who has naturally very straight and fine hair I would find extensions essential for my hair. Everyone is different and everyone has completely different hair types, if you find that when you curl or style your hair or even when your hairdresser styles it, it doesn’t last well, I as a hairdresser would feel like adding some little fillers in would be a great addition.

There are so many different brands and types out there to suit all needs- Tapes, bonds, beads, clip ins etc. Your own stylist, or a stylist experienced in hair extensions, will advise you correctly as they know your hair best

What about the week running up to the wedding ?

I would usually recommend colouring your hair the week prior to the wedding this gives time for the colour to settle. Avoid, if at all possible, over styling of the hair this will leave your hair looking super shiny on the day. Definitely fit in another at home treatment/mask in this last few days. I would usually recommend to wash your hair the day before your wedding depending on what way it is been styled. If you want your hair to last the whole weekend of your wedding then get your hair curled and pinned the day before your wedding. I would always recommend this if you are wearing your hair down on the day as this will give the curl and style more hold and will be sure to last all weekend. If you have curly hair this probably would not be the best option as your hair would go too curly.

Emma is a stylist at Cortex Hair Design, Dundalk and can be reached on 042 9359380 or visit their facebook page here.

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